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about me


Hi, my name is Marlene. Also known as Lene, Leni, Marli or Chicken.

I am more than happy, that you have found your way to my homepage.


I grew up in Salzburg and then Delray Beach (Florida), Vienna, Tenerife and Berlin crossed my path - I am curious what the future holds for me.

Besides my actually very serious jobs in HR departments and Formula 1 events all over the world, my heart always beat for something artsy and creative. 

So now I've swapped my laptop for the paintbrush and I hope that my paintings make you as happy as they make me!

I love:

  • fries

  • cats

  • Backstreet Boys

I don't like:

  • forcing myself to drink water

  • forcing myself to be a sporty spice

  • cleaning cat poop

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